First post!

One day before Christmas Eve.Pretty weird time to start blogging if you ask me.Anyways,let me introduce myself.I’m currently living in Panevezys,the 5th biggest city in Lithuania.That isn’t saying much,because the country itself barely has 3 million people.Although I’m only 18,I started listening to rap music when I was around 8.For that I’ve got to be thankful to my cousin,who would play Run DMC,Jurassic 5 and Wu-Tang non-stop when I would visit him.Also,I like it when New York MC’s say “son” constantly in their songs.I really miss that in today’s rap,because now it’s changed by swag,which isn’t nearly as cool.


This blog will probably be unseen by most,because I really doubt it will be discovered by many.Still that doesn’t matter to me,because at least I will have something to do when I’m bored.